Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One Writer's Journey

I want to finish this story, but before I do, here's a good link to know about if you are published and considering school visits: http://www.tinanicholscouryblog.com/ Alexis O'Neill is an accomplished writer who really knows how to handle school visits. There are good tips there!

But back to January 2007 - just so you don't think that writing is easy for me - once Alyssa signed me, it still took 6 months of back and forth edits before she felt that my manuscript was ready to send to editors. Alyssa is very hands-on (which I love) and gave me terrific advice. And, by the way, you're never too old to be told to "show, don't tell". Her best words of wisdom: make sure it's always kid-friendly.

There were times when I felt that this manuscript would never be finished, that I'd be old and gray before I got it right. I tightened and ditched and rewrote. But it was when I changed the point of view - from 3rd to 1st - that it happened. The character popped out, the story drove forward, it worked.

This is not for every manuscript, but if something isn't working, try changing POV, if only for an experiment.


PJ Hoover said...

I love first person! I know it doesn't work for everything, but it really helps make the characters come alive in my mind!

Dawn Buthorn said...

Hi Janet-I love first person too! In fact I loved it so much that I used it twice as much in my wip (dual 1st pov) It really puts you in the mindset of my characters.

Janet Fox said...

hey, guys - I tried 1st today with my latest and it actually didn't work (though usually I do love it).

But this was MG, and I think the character might be too young!


PJ Hoover said...

Hmmm. So you wonder if first person works as well for MG. My latest book is first person and it's right at the MG/YA boundary. 13 year-old MC. How old was your MC?