Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Free at last!

Okay, this may sound dumb, but I finally have high speed internet! Which means I can actually write a blog from home! Which means maybe I'll write more often.

It's like this new freedom - being able to link to the outside world from my house.

I want to mention that I've joined a marvelous group of fellow writers, all of whom have debut novels coming out (as I do, at the moment) in 2009. The group is 2k9, and we're soon to have a website. So far what I've seen of the books looks fantastic, and I'll link to websites, etc., as soon as I can.

At least, I'm hoping my novel comes out in 2009. I'm still waiting to hear from my editor (what is called the"editorial letter"), and I hope it comes soon, so that I can polish and revise and refine and make FAITHFUL the best possible novel.


PJ Hoover said...

Congrats on being in The Class of 2k9. 2k8 has been fantastic.

Dawn Buthorn said...

Yes, definite congrats on 2k9, as well as high speed internet. You'll be able to check out the vc forum more often now! Let us know how the editorial letter goes and how much polishing will be needed!

Janet Fox said...

Thanks, you guys!
PJ - I'm enjoying your book!
Dawn - can't wait to meet you next month!

I'm off to visit your sites now (giggle - really enjoying this new fast stuff....)