Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Packet One!

I was so delighted with Sarah's comments on my first packet! For one thing, she is amazing. She misses nothing, and works very hard to be honest while being nice (not an easy task, believe me).

But more importantly she confirmed something I've felt in my heart for a while: I need to trust myself more. When I feel really like I love something I write, even if my critic voice is nattering at me, I need to trust the gut. Sarah really liked the two stories I feel most closely attached to - the ones that other people either don't get or don't think are publishable - because, ultimately, if they work for me, they will work for others, too. I feel so liberated by her comments.

Something else I learned: free writing is a wonderful way to start writing. Literally, "free". Free the brain, the heart, the emotions. Then what is true and right seems to emerge.

What we all have to do in life - trust ourselves! Trust our instincts! Believe!

Gosh, I sound like a cheerleader!


PJ Hoover said...

You are a cheerleader!
The writing that comes naturally for me does seem to be the best. I'm so glad your first packet went well!

Janet Fox said...

Thanks, PJ!

Yes, I'm going to go for it from now on. Sarah also told me not to worry about the audience - to write from my heart and the audience will find me.

So true!

Dawn Buthorn said...

That's great that your first packet went so well! How are you handling working with your agent/publisher while continuing on your packets?

Janet Fox said...

Hey Dawn! I'm so happy to have you back - I missed you!

The other work is meshing nicely. Mainly because I still haven't got an edit letter. Now my pub date is 2010 for sure, so who knows?

I just hope my son is ready to be really independent!