Saturday, September 13, 2008


The good news for our area is that we weathered the storm very well. No power outages, much-needed but not torrential rains, and even the winds were not too terrible. Our house passed the test with flying colors; just minor items blown over.

But the news is not so good in Galveston and Houston, where there is no power, windows were blown out of skyscrapers, and streets are flooded. This was a devastating storm, and in the next few days we'll see just how bad it really was.

My son and I are planning a trip to the volunteer center to see what needs to be done. We have lots of evacuees here in our hotels and shelters.


PJ Hoover said...

And we didn't even get a drop here in Austin. How great you're going to go volunteer with your son! What a great idea!

Janet Fox said...

Thanks! Actually, he went off on his own tonight to the youth group, and he'll see what needs to be done. We were so lucky here. At least we did get much needed rain.

We may have a family living here for awhile, too. No power in Texas heat is a miserable thing.