Monday, December 8, 2008

And Now, the Good News

So the publishing industry is suffering, as we all are, from our economic crunch. But here's the good news:
children's publishing is still strong! And, frankly, the books being published are better than ever.

Two cases in point: I've been participating in the group of debut novel authors called "2k", after the original 2k7 group founded in 2007. I began with the 2k9 crowd, although my book is now slated for 2010, so I've slipped away into 2k10. But I've had the chance to read some ARCs and I am really, really impressed. I'll blog on specific titles right before they launch, but keep eyes out because there are some hot new books emerging.

And many of these same authors are part of the group called AuthorsNow! I'm one of these, too, and their website is up and running as you can check out at right.

Great books, folks, so reading is so not dead. Hooray!

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