Saturday, May 30, 2009

About Albert Borris and His Debut Novel CRASH INTO ME

Before my debut novel launch was bumped, I was a member of the debut class of 2k9. Although I've since moved to 2k10, I remain in close contact with many of the excellent novelists who are members of the 2k9 class. One of those members is Albert Borris, author of CRASH INTO ME, a remarkable book for teens.

Albert - who signs his emails "namaste" - has the heart of a healer, and is the soul of compassion. It was devastating to all of us when Albert suffered a massive stroke last December. We've all missed his soft and encouraging voice and wry humor. He is coming back to us, but there is a way we can help.

A fundraising event to benefit Albert has been scheduled for the end of June. The following is from a flyer posted by Albert's family:

"On Sunday June 28th from 1PM to 5PM at the International Sports, Skating and Fun Centre, Mt Laurel, New Jersey, family and friends will gather to assist debut author Albert Borris. Tickets are $10 students/$25 adults. There will be Family Fun: Skating, arcade games, and more...50/50 raffle, Prize Raffle, Teen Book Sale, and an Opportunity to buy signed copies of Albert’s first novel CRASH INTO ME.

Albert Borris has been the Student Assistance Counselor at Moorestown High School for over 20 years. Last December Albert suffered a massive stoke leaving his speech severely damaged. This summer, Albert has the opportunity to attend an intense program in speech therapy at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, ranked #1 in rehab facilities in US News and World Report. He has made a difference with countless kids in our community. June 28th we invite you to come and make a difference in his life. Please help us give Albert back his voice in the world."

Here's what Kirkus said about Albert's novel CRASH INTO ME: "This is no ordinary road trip. After four high-school students—reticent narrator Owen, perpetual liar Audrey, Korean-American lesbian Jin-Ae and socially inept, alcoholic Frank—meet online, they head west on a celebrity-suicide road trip. Their last planned stop is Death Valley, where they will carry out a suicide pact. During their intense two weeks together, the teens bond emotionally and physically, as they make self-discoveries, explore their own reasons for committing suicide and feel validated for the first time. Flashbacks to the students' online chats show how far they've traveled—in miles and in changed perceptions. As they approach their final destination, they must decide if their trip has come to a conclusion—or if their lives are just beginning. This gripping debut novel gives a spot-on portrayal of depressed and suicidal teens with realistic voices. Fans of Jay Asher's Thirteen Reasons Why (2007) will find this page-turner a hopeful alternative."

This exciting debut, and Albert, need our collective voices. To sweeten the pot, if you comment on this post and promise to help spread the word I'll reserve a copy of my debut FAITHFUL when I have it in hand, or send you a copy of my first book GET ORGANIZED WITHOUT LOSING IT (your choice) for the lucky winner of a random drawing.

If you are unable to attend the June 28th fundraiser but would still like to help, donations can be made to Friends of Albert Borris c/o TD Bank 22 W. Main St. Moorestown, NJ 08057


Anonymous said...

Well said, Janet!

Donna St. Cyr said...


Albert's a great guy and his book addresses such an important subject. I'm in the middle of the ARC now - good stuff!

Thanks for posting on the fundraiser and the novel.

Rosanne Parry said...

Janet, Thanks for putting the spotlight on Albert and his amazing book. This is one I thought I wouldn't like but was blown away by how well he managed the emotional journey of 4 very different teens. Beautiful writing about an important subject.

Kathryn Fitzmaurice said...

Thanks for posting this, Janet. I'll link it to my own blog.

Janet Fox said...

Thanks so much for posting, you all! Albert is blessed to have you.

Contest will continue all week...

Edie said...

What a great post and spotlight on Albert's incredible novel! I wish I lived close enough to NJ to attend this event, but will definitely contribute to the cause of bringing Albert's voice back and spreading the word about his book.

Lauren Bjorkman said...

Thank you for this heartfelt post, Janet! I love this book. I'm featuring Crash Into Me on my "for readers" page of my website, which I hope to have up next week!

Janet Fox said...

Thank you all for commenting! And the winner of my random drawing is (drumroll...)