Friday, January 20, 2012

Holly Cupala: Don't Breathe a Word

My friend Holly Cupala's debut Tell Me a Secret is one of my favorite all-time reads. I'm really excited about her new release, Don't Breathe a Word. So when she asked me to be a part of a video that she put together on the power of words, I was thrilled.

Okay, so I feel a little embarrassed by my own serious take on the subject in the midst of such a clever batch of responses; but nonetheless feel that Holly's message is the important part of her vlog. Words do have power, and we girls need to empower our younger tribe, male and female, to use their words for good.

I'm super-proud to be in the company of these writers: Justina Chen, Melissa Walker, Stephanie Kuehnert, Sarah Stevenson, Denise Jaden, Lish McBride, Beth Kephart, Lisa Schroeder, Cynthia Jaynes, Tara Kelly, Joelle Anthony, Stasia Ward Kehoe, Tina Ferraro, and Janet Lee Carey.


holly cupala said...

Thank you so much for contributing, Janet! And I love what you said and how words and actions are a powerful part of your novels! Hugs.

Janet Fox said...

Thanks, Holly. You've got a powerful opening in "Breathe"! I'm delighted to participate.