Monday, May 13, 2013

SIRENS In the Time of Gatsby

When blogger Gabrielle Carolina - one of the sweetest bloggers out there - asked if I'd like to participate in a blog tour highlighting SIRENS around the release of Baz Luhrmann's new film version of The Great Gatsby, I jumped for joy. For one thing, Gabrielle has treated me royally in the past. For another, I was thrilled to support her in her new enterprise, ModPodgeMarketing.

She suggested that I write guest posts for each of ten stops. I decided to make them kind of "mini-lessons" on the 1920s - hopefully not dry lessons, but interesting little facts and tidbits. They are, in a way, linked; if you are curious, you might want to read them in sequence.

Sybil's pants! Downton Abbey
So...we're on the tour now, and here are the stops and the topics en route. And I want to give a shout-out to the fabulous bloggers who participated - and those who reblogged or reposted - THANK YOU!!

1. Alice Marvels blog - How the "Great War" (World War 1) led directly into the Roaring Twenties.

2. Mod Podge Bookshelf - Women's Suffrage in 1920 and those awful corsets (gone forever, we hope.)

3. Rebecca's Book Blog - Women's fashion in the 1920s (one of my favorite subjects): Coco Chanel and those sweet slinky styles.

One of the best clubs of the '20s
4. Chapter By Chapter - How flappers and gents of the 1920s partied like it was 1999.

5. Reading Teen - Prohibition! Or...why speakeasies were also called "blind pigs."

6. Little Library Muse - Gangsters may be cool but really...not. And their molls lived equally short lives.

7. Mundie Moms - There was a Wall Street bombing in 1920? Yes, and the similarities are uncanny.

8. Fire & Ice - Ghosts, spirits, life after death, and Harry Houdini - and what that had to do with the Roaring Twenties.

9. The Book Rat - All that jazz. Satchmo and more. Yeah, baby.

10. Pieces of Whimsy - The Gatsby itself: Scott and Zelda, the novel, the times.

I hope you enjoy these "histories" because I had fun putting them together!

And if you like 1920s fashion, as I do, check out this cool video:


Barbara Younger said...

Neat info! And thanks for the video. Love 1920's fashions!

Janet Fox said...

Thanks, Barbara! I had a lot of fun pulling these together.

LinWash said...

Man, what a great idea for a blog tour! Wish I'd thought of this!

Janet Fox said...

Thanks, Linda - I can't take credit for the idea - it was Gabrielle's. I'm really pleased with how it came together!

Gabrielle Carolina said...

I love this tour. Proves just how much everyone needs to read SIRENS when all the topics of the time are so popular! : )

Janet Fox said...

Gabrielle - THANKS for making it happen!!!