Thursday, October 3, 2013

Montgomery County Writer's Workshop Fundraiser

Last year I participated in a terrific event in Texas: the Montgomery County Book Festival. I met many fabulous authors but more importantly met many, many tween and teen fans who loved the opportunity to meet their writer heroes up close and hear us talk about our books. What a fabulous way to bring readers closer to writers!

This year, in order to host the Festival again, the librarians who sponsor it are offering a Writer’s Workshop Fundraiser, with bestselling authors providing a day of outstanding content (and donating their time!) for the low, low fee of $100.

Believe me, if I lived close by, I’d be there. 

Just check out the offerings! Whether you live in the Houston area or anywhere within range, please consider the great content – plus, you’ll be raising funds for an awesome event.

The Writer’s Workshop is being held on Saturday, November 16, all day; and registration ends on November 10. 

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LinWash said...

It sounds like fun!