Friday, March 28, 2014

Update: The Treadmill Desk in Month Three

It's been three months with my new treadmill desk, and I thought I'd update my experience.

I really love having the treadmill right behind my actual desk. It's only a couple of feet away, so I merely have to stand up and take a few steps and hop on. This is a big plus if you're thinking about getting one - ease of use and access. And there's always the guilt factor in seeing it, right there in the office, every day.

On the plus side:

  • it's very easy to use. Get on and go. Once I'm walking I hardly know I am. Reading is especially good on the treadmill, and since I tend to read aloud a lot as I work, I am using it. 
  • it's "free" exercise. We've had a real winter here (who hasn't this year?) and often I can't get to the gym because of snow or ice. Now I can hop on the treadmill and crank it up a bit and read while I actually burn some calories, in addition to my slow walks.

On the minus side:

  • it's hard for me to walk and type, even at a slow pace. I can do it, but it's tricky and I tend to make a lot of errors.

That typing/walking issue is the only minus, and since I do a lot of reading of craft books, reading of other writing-related stuff, reading of other books, and reading of my work out loud, I'm really using the treadmill. Maybe not as much as I thought I would, but that's ok. Any walking is better than sitting all day long. And I'm hoping that the more I use it, the more I will.

So far this new desk has been a great addition to my work space and a bonus to my health.


LMcN said...

I have a tread desk too, though it's currently not useable because my son is living in my studio. I miss it! I used to use it for 30 minute increments, and wouldn't let myself off until I had stayed on for that length of time. I found it forced me to just keep reading, revising, etc. I also found that it was a great place to brainstorm next plot moves.

Janet Fox said...

What a great way to use it! I'm going to try that. I can always find some reason to read - craft, or my SCBWI mag, something.

Hugs to the son. And you for being a patient mom.

Anonymous said...

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