Monday, March 30, 2009

Just for Fun Letter Slam!

Julie Larios, the poetess extraordinaire at Vermont College of Fine Arts, has started a favorite things list on her blog, The Drift Record. She graciously assigned me the letter S - and I'm to come up with 10 things I love that start with S...sssso, here goes! (Oh, and check out my friend Mikki on the letter C!)
Want to play? Post a comment and I'll post you a letter!

1. My Son and my Spouse. The lights of my life. My son is also the reason I write for children.

2. Star Trek. Yes, I'm a trekkie from way, way back. And now I share this affection with my son. It's nice to have anything non- controversial to share. He would here add Starbuck (the pilot, not the coffee).

3. September in the north. Cool nights, blue-sky days, fall colors, fires in the fireplace, school (okay - I was a nerd).

4. Seeds. When I have the time, I'm a gardener. And I love to grow things from scratch, so to speak (golly, all these S's!)

5. The Seine. Paris. Need I say more?

6. Shakespeare. Am I cheating with this one? Too easy? Too obvious? Oh, but wait - hasn't he become a hunk lately?

7. Stars. I like night. When I was a kid, I was terrified of the dark. Now I love it. We live outside of town, and the main reason is to be away from all those lights at night, so we can see the stars. And watch for Vulcans.

8. The supernatural. Anything unexplained. I adore mysteries.

9. Strawberries. A fruit shaped like a heart.

10. Stories!

Runners-up: Sleep, snow, sparklers, silk, spring...


Michelle said...

Great list, Janet! I like your choices. If you ever do see Vulcans from your house, you'd better call me!!! :)

Janet Fox said...

Hey - you'll be the first!

OOO - I'm so excited for you - your book featured prominently at TLA - and I was able to snag a copy so it is now at the top of my pile!! The editor there was RAVING about it.