Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tales From the Northland...

I'm not sure how she finds the time, but our wonderful resident Poet Extraordinare Julie Larios is blogging regularly on the Vermont College experience. It's a wonderful summary of events. I'll try and put my own spin on things in the next few days - but be assured, this is one of the finest experiences a writer can give him/herself. Intense and extraordinary.

Oh, and my new advisor is Uma Krishnaswami! I am so so so excited. She is brilliant. I hope I can make her proud.


david said...

Hey what kind of wardrobe is that?
maybe that is the famous New Work Wardrobe. Can you post some wardrobe images since your title is trough the wardrobe????

Janet Fox said...

David,'s a magic wardrobe! There are no images!