Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Until January...

Ah, the come down to earth moment...leaving another Vermont College of Fine Arts residency. Truly, this is a magical experience for a children's writer. We all talk about books, books, our kids, books - the conversations include references to the unreliable narrator, the protagonist's arc, the inciting incident, and the objective correlative. And if you want to find out what those things mean, come to the best college experience you could ever imagine.

Now, those of you who live in or near Texas, there will be an event in Austin: Vermont College in the Lone Star State, on October 2-3. I'll be there, and Kathi Appelt and Sharon Darrow, VCFA faculty, will be there as well as many students and alums. It'll be a mini-mini residency. Here's the blurb:

TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL: A VCFA day in the Lone Star State to challenge what you already know about writing and the writing life and to inspire you to take the next steps in your professional life and education.
The Vermont College of Fine Arts Writing for Children and Young Adults Program intends for this retreat to serve as an opportunity for alumni and their colleagues to reconnect with one another, as well as reigniting their passion for the craft of writing for children.

So, come-on down!

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