Friday, May 4, 2012

Guest Post: Debbie Davies "Look But Don't Touch"

Today I'm hosting author Debbie Davies on a singular aspect of romance...

Look but don’t touch – can this ever work in love?

“You can look but don’t touch” is a statement often uttered by frazzled parents trying to control their children. I have said this plenty of times to my toddler and it goes completely unheard.

In a different context, though, would it be so easily ignored? What if someone was telling you to look but not to touch someone or something you loved? Someone you felt a burning need to be with, to speak to, to touch just once?

Perhaps you are being told to look only because the object of your affection is forbidden to you. Some cultures have caste systems; some prejudices are openly discussed, while others are buried in our subconscious and we blindly follow them. We might see someone we could potentially love but we never dare to touch. Or do we?

An emotion as powerful as love encourages us to take risks. In Any Love But Mine this is the conflict facing Acacia. She has been banished and ordered to help others fall in love but to never allowed do so herself. But a life of loneliness is not one she can live, and now she has to choose: love and live with the risk of destruction or live and die from the pain of never knowing.

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