Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Arrival in Vermont

So I arrived last night and settled into my room at Betsy's B&B at about 2 AM. And woke up in shock when a truck rumbled by at 8:30 in the morning. Can't so that again, or I'll miss the first lecture, which would be bad, bad.

I decided to stay in the B&B instead of the dorm this time, because I was warned about the heat, which is already oppressive, though it's supposed to break tomorrow. Betsy's is just down the hill from the campus, and someone told me that a student referred to the hill as the Grinch hill because it's so steep. Though Montpelier is not Whoville, it sure is a charming little town (the smallest? second smallest? state capitol in the nation). And Betsy does provide AC, so I can, I hope, sleep at night.

For a drift on the dorm life, check out my new friend Dawn's blog . We met with about ten other "freshmen" for lunch in town. I already feel like a part of something big and exciting, though I also feel like a squeaky little newbie.

"Hard? you have no idea." "It will be the best two years of your life." "You'll make friends here you can't imagine." "It will go by so fast, and you'll want to do it all again." "You won't sleep for two weeks, but it'll be worth it."

I will surely let you know.

One hour to meet the rest of my class at dinner!


PJ Hoover said...

You guys are going to do serious bonding! What a great, great thing! I love this aspect of writing.

Janet Fox said...

Boy, if you can make it here, it's fantastic. Overwhelming and a little scary, but excellent in so many ways.