Thursday, July 10, 2008

Whew...the real day one...

So I still have homework to do and it's really late but what an excellent day. Three faculty lectures and one student lecture, all incredibly inspiring and informative, and one workshop.

Here's the skinny: the faculty are truly gifted with knowledge - and delivery. They are spontaneous and open and yet I could feel my brain filling with the information they delivered. In one lecture - Louise Hawes' - we all (that's, like, 60, full-grown adults) were reduced to tears. Louise had us evoke a memory from that deep place, that beginning of all story, the root of all our personal conflict - and she did it in about 5 minutes. And suddenly, since she came at the end of the day, I began to pull together the other things I'd heard and realized that all my stories are about the same thing (which I won't reveal here!)

The workshop was wonderful as well - I have a great group led by Sarah Ellis and Louise Hawes and it was gentle yet informative. We got into the groove of the discussion, and I think we all began to learn things to apply to our own writing and to be less fearful of the process.

But now dear friends I have to get to work before bedtime...and I even skipped the karaoke!


PJ Hoover said...

Oooh, love it. But life is too short to skip Karaoke.
Life goal addition for me - do karaoke. I've never done it yet. Have you?

Janet Fox said...

Never. But it's good I missed it cause there were lots of very sleepy people next morning!! :)