Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Only A Few Days to the "Rez"

Okay, just so it's clear, in this case "rez" is the nickname for "residency", which is the two week stint that Vermont College MFA students participate in each July and January. During that time, we listen to lectures, participate in critiques, participate in discussions, meet with advisors, and apparently sleep, occasionally.

Seriously, I'm a little nervous. This turns out to be a common feeling among the group I'm entering with. We share a discussion board and I was really heartened to see that I'm not the only one feeling a little jittery about undertaking this two-year hard-core program. I mean, I'm no spring chicken, and the idea of going back to college and starting to snore while the party is still in high gear is a little daunting. Not to mention this is a really serious program.

That was clear from the packet I got with other student work. Some is outright awesome. And everyone seems to be up there in terms of knowing their stuff. So I feel humbled, anxious, excited, and all the other stuff that goes with two weeks away from family in a super strange environment that may be stressful and sleep-deprived.

Well, I'm still working while I wait. I'm writing a new MG novel, kind of a reality-based fantasy, and I'm having the most fun, as often happens with first drafts. Gosh, that first draft just flows sometimes! Until I smack up against the brick wall of revision. But that won't happen with Ruby (the character's name) for a while. So for now, I'm just enjoying myself. And I'll tell more about Ruby and her adventures in the future.

And still gnawing my knuckles waiting for the edit letter on Faithful.


PJ Hoover said...

You are going to have a fantastic time! Such a great time. And it will be such a learning thing too. How cool :)

Janet Fox said...

Hey PJ! You should join us. Or have you already been??

And, do I see a new cover there? It looks great!

PJ Hoover said...

I haven't been. Maybe sometime in the future :)
And, yes, a new cover. Almost final!

Janet Fox said...

PJ - Congrats on the new cover!