Sunday, July 13, 2008

Next Time the Karaoke, too!

I got it, suddenly got it. I got it while dancing around like a maniac, like a teenager, to tunes old and new, and having a wonderful time, along with everyone else. It was like the 8th grade dance where no one really dances with anyone else, no boy-girl pairings or whatnot...but here there were no wallflowers, either.

We were all accessing that part of ourselves we'd left behind, that awkward gawky kid who really wanted to dance but felt too shy or too unpopular. Everyone here has that kid self out and on their sleeve and ready to leap. All the faculty certainly do. The Stevens sisters had it in spades. Tim Wynne-Jones is a walking master, as is Kathi Appelt.

So next time I'm doing the karaoke...more about that one later.


PJ Hoover said...

The dance sounds like a great time! Isn't it nice to do things like this. I need to do it more!

Janet Fox said...

PJ - this whole thing has been a great time.

Saw your ARC in the pile that was donated to the auction - it was won by my good friend Kari!